Where Science and Creativity Collide

From the VOID, comes creatures never seen before..

VOID Elementals is back and better than ever with a new series that takes your love for science and cool creatures to the next level!

The VOID has reopened. Brand new creatures (known as elementals) are crawling their way out of their portals and into your wallets. This premium NFT collection once again is based on our beloved periodic table of elements and features unique, exciting creatures that live in carefully crafted worlds of their own. The elementals have transformed and feature new creatures, rarities, card shapes, background environments, and more.

Capture these creatures on NOV 16th 2021 from 12PM EST TO 2PM ONLY (FLASH SALE!) on NeftyBlocks.

Join us on our journey as we transition from a collectible to a P2E Trading Card Game!

For regular updates and roadmap updates, follow us on Discord.


A² Standard Pack

7 Cards Per Pack
Price : $24.99

A² Ion Pack

14 Cards Per Pack
Price: $44.99

A² Quantum Pack

22 Cards Per Pack
Price: $64.99